Lorde Did A Reddit “Ask Me Anything” And This Is What We Learned

Lorde graced Reddit with her presence over the weekend to do a little Q&A with her fans in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. She seemed so normal. And cool. Like she could be our real-life friend. Okay, that’s just wishful thinking.

Here’s just few things we learned!

saigezabarte: Are you confident in your stage performance? I know people have criticized the way you perform, how do you respond to that?

LordeMusic: i know when i’m onstage, i don’t think about how it looks, i just concentrate on really feeling what i hear. but i totally know i look like gollum when i perform, so it’s cool.

gobovine: Have you ever met Ezra Koenig [lead singer of Vampire Weekend]?

yep, he used the word ‘schwag’ without blinking and i taught him the meaning of the word rude as in “those are some rude-ass pajamas you wore onstage tonight, man”

DA-numberfour: Do you regret going into the music industry so young?

actually, no. i feel like i learnt early on how things worked and that gave me a good understanding of what could be fucked with/which rules were dumb and shouldn’t have to be followed. plus, i can sit down with basically the most intimidating people in the industry and not flinch. and maybe even make them flinch. or cry. heh.

What shampoo do you use

my mum buys it in 2-litre bottles from the supermarket i don’t even know

There you have it: Lorde doesn’t know what kind of shampoo she uses.

[Reddit via Huffington Post]

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