I’m Sorry, But 277 Christmas Trees Is Too Many

I’m not looking to shit on anyone’s insane holiday spirit, but I’m sorry, having 277 Christmas trees in your house, like Maryland woman Renetta Zanco does, seems excessive. Saying that her house looks “like Macy’s department store” would be an understatement. Zanco, who often spends 10 hours a days Christmasing her house from top to tail, has 28 trees displayed in her bathroom alone — including one that is made of toilet paper rolls and one that lives in the shower during the holiday season. (I’m curious about how that works.)

The retired Air Force worker says that her collection of Christmas trees started as a competition with her sister about 20 years ago. “Each year, she would call me up and say, ‘How many trees did you put up?’ And then, of course, I would have to outdo her,” explains Zanco. “So I would call her back and say I’ve got two more then you did. Then she would call me back the next year [and say], ‘Well, I’ve got five more’ and it started out like that.”

Zanco continued to grow her collection while working weekends at a Christmas shop. “I was just in it for the discount because after Christmas, they always have a sale,” she said.

Well, the good news is that she beat her sister at extreme Christmas tree hoarding. The bad news is, Zanco’s house is one spark away from fireworks show. [MyFox DC via Jezebel]