Ian Ziering Dishes On “Sharknado 2,” Talks About Being “Daddy Of The Year” & Plays “90210”-Themed “Would You Rather?”

When my boo Ian Ziering comes by The Frisky offices, I make the most of my time with him. That means in addition to coercing Ian into acting out a classic scene from “Beverly Hills, 90210,” I also made him play a little game of Nine-Oh-themed “Would You Rather?” This is probably the first time in a while that Ian has heard the name “Emily Valentine.” Afterwards, Ian and I chatted about what’s ahead for the hotly anticipated sequel to his sleeper hit “Sharknado” and discussed his work with DaddyScrubs.com as their “Daddy of the Year.” Can I just say that Ian is hands down the kindest, coolest, most genuine celeb I have ever had the privilege of spending quality time with? Platonic soulmate status.