Did Kim Kardashian Groom Baby North’s Eyebrows?

I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that this is all a misunderstanding, and Kim Kardashian hasn’t actually pulled a Farrah Abraham and waxed her baby’s eyebrows, but anything is possible. Kim posted this very cute photo of North on her Instagram yesterday, and word quickly spread that it looked as if Nori had undergone a bit of brow grooming.

I haven’t examined past photos of North closely enough to determine whether or not Kim may have altered her brows — I know, I’m a complete failure as both a blogger and a dyed-in-the-wool Kardashian fan — but I would certainly hope that Kim hasn’t actually taken hot wax to her baby’s face. It does appear that Nori might be wearing a little bit of makeup, which, I don’t know. She’s only six months old, which I think might be just slightly too early for mama Kim to be introducing the mascara, but maybe she just got lucky and inherited a killer set of lashes? Who knows. Kim seems like a fine mom, so I’m reluctant to pass judgement, but I’m sure there are probably parents out there who have a thing or two to say about brow grooming for babes… [Celebitchy]