A Complete Breakdown Of Every Unprotected Sex Scene In “Girls”

During a talk about the AIDS epidemic at New York’s 92 Y, actor Alan Cumming slammed HBO’s “Girls” for showing far too much unprotected sex.

“We’ve got to try and stop this cavalier attitude that [the AIDS epidemic] in the past. It’s not,” said Cumming.

Naturally, The Daily Mail, took Cumming’s comment as an invitation to map out EVERY sex scene in the series thus far, focusing on whether or not the characters used condoms. The prognosis?

There is a fair amount of protected sex in “Girls,” although often the use of a condom is not specified, as is customary on most TV shows. I personally don’t find the show to be egregiously cavalier about AIDS, more realistic to how 20-somethings in Brooklyn have sex. Anyhow, if nothing else, this chart will help you review and prepare for the Season 3 premiere in January. I had almost forgotten about the insane “sad doll” sex scene between Marnie and Booth Jonathan. Woof. [Daily Mail UK]