What I Really Want: Amelia’s Christmas List

Still on the hunt for a last-minute gift for that hard-to-buy-for lady in your life? Not sure what to ask for yourself? Don’t worry, The Frisky staff is here to help! We’ll be compiling our Christmas lists (along with some pertinent stats) to help you get inspired. Or just take a voyeuristic peek into our deepest consumerist desires. Either way.

Name: Amelia

Age: 34

Zodiac Sign: The best one. (Scorpio, obvs.)

Favorite Book: Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger

Signature Drink: Wine, but much less lately; Diet Coke; grapefruit juice.

Primary Interests: Nesting; cooking elaborate meals for one; having deep conversations with my dog Lucca; 12 step readings and meetings; Candy Crush; bubble baths; beach vacations; binge watching TV shows; asking myself “WWBD” (What Would Beyonce Do?).

What I Really Want: 

1. Joe’s Jeans Laney Ankle-Wrap Heels: I have been drooling over these heels for months now, including them in more than a couple style section posts for The Frisky, and I think it’s about time someone in my life took the hint and bought them for me. This is the last hint I’m dropping though, as these are almost sold out in my size, so if they’re not under the tree on December 25, I’m running out to get them myself. [$135, Urban Outfitters]

2. Pendleton Blanket: Another thing I’ve been coveting for a long time? A Pendleton blanket in one of their iconic Southwestern-style patterns. Naturally I’m gravitating towards the one in the various shade of oxblood. This one also comes with its own carrier so I can take it to the beach or on picnics and shit. [$298, Pendleton]

3. Baxton Studio Wood Wishbone Y Chair: I’m satisfied with almost every piece of furniture I have in my apartment except for one — my desk chair, which is actually one of those director’s chairs. It’s not comfortable, which is annoying, but more importantly, it looks juvenile, like a remenant from my college days or something. I’m really digging the shape of this chair. [$147.99, Amazon]

4. Shell Loudspeaker: I collect seashells, which I display around my apartment in various vessels. This shell loudspeaker, which amplifies the sound coming out of your iPhone/iPod, would compliment the seaside vibe while I listen to the new Beyonce record on repeat. [$75, Uncovet]

5. Spinning Shoes: I’ve finally found a workout I don’t loathe! I try and go to spin class at least once a week, but I’m sick of renting shoes. It’s time (for someone else) to invest in my own pair! [$89.95, Amazon]

6. Cast Iron Skillet: One of my favorite ways to cook meat is to sear it on the stovetop in a pan and then stick that same pan in the over to finish cooking. Cast iron skillets are often best for this, but I only have a small version right now. I want a large version so I can use it to cook pork loins and larger cuts of meat. [$24.99, Macy’s]