The Latest Judd Family Drama Involves A GPS Tracking Device And A Mini Cooper

Looks like Ashley and Wynonna Judd are going through another sibling feud, and this one’s a doozy, even when compared to the last one, when Wynonna got married next door to Ashley’s house, didn’t invite her, and then giggled delightedly as her new husband fired a gun in Ashley’s general direction. Eesh. This time around the Judd drama is a little more high tech. Apparently when Ashley took her Mini Cooper to a mechanic last month to get it checked out, the mechanic uttered the only words more frightening than “You’re going to need a new transmission”: “Ummm, we just found a GPS tracking device hidden under your car.”

And guess who put it there? Wynonna!

Yep, after police found out the device was registered to a Nashville private detective, Wynonna fessed up that she had hired the detective to track Ashley’s movements in regards to a custody dispute the sisters are engaged in. No charges have been filed, but I’m guessing it’s going to be a tense Christmas at the Judd compound this year. [The Tennessean]

P.S. I went to a Christmas parade in the Judds’ town this weekend and it was amazing. I didn’t see any Judds (because my celebrity sighting curse still stands), but I did see this majestic pig:

Christmas Pig Parade