You Will Never Guess The Baby Name That Increased In Popularity 450 Percent This Year

Here are a few hints:

It’s one syllable.

It’s a dairy product.

It should not be anyone’s name.

Give up?

It’s “Cheese.” Yes, cheese. As in cheddar, brie, fontina*, pepperjack. CHEESE. OK, here’s the good news: the 450 percent increase is based on this study, and represents a jump from only 2 babies being named Cheese in 2012 to 9 babies being named Cheese in 2013. The bad news (besides the indisputable fact that 9 babies got named “Cheese”) is that the study had a sample size of 500,000 parents, which means, when you apply the findings to the entire US population, the actual number of American humans named Cheese this year is probably closer to 72. Who are these parents? Cheesemongers? Photographers? Packers fans? I’m so confused.

*Fontina is actually the prettiest name I’ve ever heard. Totally naming my daughter Fontina.

[Cheese photo via Shutterstock]