Tila Tequila Hits Back At Critics Of Her “Nazi Satire,” Blames “New World Zionists”

Apparently we just don’t “get” Tila Tequila. The reality TV star and glamour model turned Hitler fangirl and Nazi apologist has released a new video on her website, hitting back at critics of her recent defense of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime. She says all of her ramblings about Hitler — and that image she posted to Facebook in which she’s dressed up like Der Fuehrer, standing in front of the extermination camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau — are all satire and we just don’t get it because we’re “New World Order Zionists.” Mmkay. Please do explain, Hitila or Tilisis or whatever you’re calling yourself these days:

“This time I would like to address all the ridiculous rumors all over the Internet that I am now a Nazi just because I made some satire videos, just because I was sympathetic towards other human beings, because God says we should forgive and forget. But unfortunately, some chosen ones who think they are God’s people, refuse to forgive and forget. And not only do they act hypocritical, but they stone anybody that dare to forgive and forget … It all started with a satire photo of some of my fans who made a Photoshop picture of me that says ‘all hail the queen,’ and unbeknownst to me, I didn’t realize it had a little subliminal message in there with a swastika on the hat or whatever. Anyways, that was not my intention. However, with the way I was being unjustly attacked by the, well, the New World Order Zionists, ok, because, first of all, I speak for the people. I am the only one with a platform that is not afraid to speak out for the people…”

As Raw Story notes, Tila also takes some shots at “Zionist Jewlluminatis,” who she believes live in the fourth dimension (?) and are behind a secret world government. So wait, how are we misinterpreting her again? How is this satire? Confusing! Watch the full video below:

Clearly, all isn’t right in Tila’s head. As a commenter pointed out in my earlier post on the subject of Tila’s strange and offensive behavior, Tila suffered from a brain aneurysm in 2012, leaving some to wonder whether that’s had an effect on her, um, psyche. Again, while much of what’s coming out of Tila these days is offensive garbage, I suspect she’s a sick woman in need of some real help — and I hope she gets it. [Raw Story]