Plastic Surgeon Transforms Adopted Daughters In Walking Advertisements

Orange County plastic surgeon Michael Niccole feels not the least bit apologetic about nipping and tucking his adopted daughters Charm and Brittani, starting at the age of 10, on a regular basis.

“They’ve lived in the world of cosmetics, so they understand the importance of  looking and maintaining your beauty for the rest of their lives” said Dr. Niccole.

The sisters, now both 25, have respectively had nose jobs, breast augmentations and just about every manner of Boxtox you could imagine.

“Getting your breasts done, is like, basically, like, getting a teeth cleaning here,” said Brittani. “That’s how I see it, like honestly, I swear.”

“Every other month I’ll get something done to my skin. I think Botox is important because it prevents you from getting wrinkles. I also get Botox in my armpits, which helps me stop sweating,” explained Charm.

Initially, their mother Penny wasn’t thrilled about her daughters going under the knife. “I didn’t want them to think every time they didn’t like something, the y could be running to have surgery” Penny admitted. But their father couldn’t agree less. “I’m often asked if my daughters are good ambassadors for my line of work and I would say, ‘Absolutely, yes,'” he said.

Good thing Penny didn’t stand in their way of getting unlimited plastic surgery, because his Frankenstinas, who have become walking advertisements for Dr. Niccole’s practice, are bringing in the big bucks.

“Almost all of our friends have had procedures done by my dad, whether that’s boob jobs, liposuction, Botox or skin peels,” bragged Charm.

OK. New goal in life is to strive for exactly the opposite of whatever the Niccole’s are going for. Excuse me. I need to go take a shower now.

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