No Thanks: Co-Ed, Naked Yoga

I know that naked yoga exists (if only in the deep recess of my consciousness, right near the part of my brain that remembers to do taxes each year). So far, this naked yoga trend has been mostly a male-only endeavor. Go figure. Women are already weary of being leered at by mnn in their tight Lululemon pants. Chelsea’s Bold & Naked Yoga studio is foraging ahead into the all-naked yoga word. They will be the first in New York City to add all-female and co-ed nude classes to their schedule.

“If you are looking for an orgasm, you are in the wrong place,” said owner Joschi Schwarz. “I know sexuality is always in peoples’ minds and I have a feeling that a lot of people don’t know that yoga has nothing to do with sex at all…When you get rid of the clothes, you get rid of the labels — and that’s a beautiful thing.” 

While I agree that yoga has nothing to do with sex, I don’t think that stripping out of your clothes enhances the practice at all. Actually, it might make it more difficult. Have you ever tried to do tree pose with naked, sweaty thighs?  Or looked at a man’s balls or a woman’s lady bits while in Downward Dog? (I haven’t, i’m just imagining how awful that would be.)  I’m also imagining how a simple alignment adjustment  from a teacher could easily be misconstrued as an inappropriate grope. With Bikram Choudhury’s rape charges looming, this doesn’t seem like the prime time for naked, co-ed yoga to catch on. [NY]

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