Holiday Gift Guide: For Homesick Australians

I’m going to make some sweeping generalizations about Australians. They have very cute, but oft-difficult-to-discern accents. They all come from places with silly names like Dingawoomba. Some of them drink a lot. They are sick of fielding questions about kangaroos. And most importantly, they love their snacks. Brits have their Marmite. The Quebecois have their poutine. Australians have a proud tradition of tastsy snackery that I had no idea about until I married one. And it’s not just snacks! Our friends Down Under have some pretty great skincare, beauty products, clothes, and pop culture. Oh yes, Australians are more than just cute koalas and Crocodile Dundee jokes. 

This Christmas season, don’t forget about your homesick Australian friends. Here’s just a few presents I know they’ll love this holiday season. (You could also kick them a few hundred bucks for that plane fare. It’s brutal.)

But first a few programming notes:

  • I linked to web sites for all of the products, but some don’t have American outposts. That means if you’re going to buy certain items for Christmas, you have to account for shipping time —which means you should have ordered them yesterday.
  • This post would have been impossible without the help two gorgeous, funny and smart displaced Aussies, Janet Manley and Holly Middleton. America is lucky to have them!

Anything I forgot, Aussie readers? Let us know in the comments!

[Image of kangaroo and joey via Shutterstock]

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