The Last Man To Walk On The Moon Calls 6-Year-Old Aspiring Astronaut

Connor Johnson, a six-year-old from Colorado, has long dreamed of becoming an astronaut. Now, he is on a mission to save NASA. He launched a petition on the White House website to gain support for the program and has received thousands of signatures. Since the petition has gained national attention, he’s received all kinds of calls and messages from people. This week, however, he got a very special call — from astronaut Gene Cernan. Cernan was the last American to walk on the moon 41 years ago, and when he heard about Connor’s determination to go to space, he wanted to do anything he could to keep that inspiration alive.

Cernan says he sees Connor in himself, and had big dreams of his own when he was Connor’s age. He told Connor that to go to space in the future, “you’ve got to dream about things that a lot of other people think you can’t do.” He also told Connor to “take us back to the moon, take us to Mars, and just remember I will always be with you on every trip you take.” Pass the tissues, please! [USA Today]