Dreams Do Come True: Ian Ziering & I Acted Out A Classic Scene From “Beverly Hills, 90210″ And I Totally Died Inside

If you had told me, say, 15 years ago, that I would one day meet Ian Ziering, the actor who played Steve Sanders on one of my most favorite TV shows, “Beverly Hills, 90210,” and give him a brief lap dance, I would have said you were dreaming. And if you told me that I would meet him for a second time and that we would act out one of the most pivotal scenes for Steve’s character, I would have officially concluded you were crazy. But guess what? YOU’RE NOT CRAZY BECAUSE IAN ZIERING AND I TOTALLY ACTED OUT THE SCENE BETWEEN BRANDON AND STEVE AT THE SPRING DANCE, WHERE STEVE IS DRUNK AND TELLS BRANDON HE WAS ADOPTED. And a camera was there! And you can watch it above! And it was the best day ever! Eat you heart out, Jason Priestley. (And thank you, Ian, for being you. Because you are awesome.) [YouTube]

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