Would You Wear These Pricey Designer Flip-Flops?

I don’t blame you if flip-flops are one of the very last things on your mind today. I know that I am personally far more concerned with hunting down functional yet stylish all-weather boots (digression: do these exist, and if so, please point me in the right direction) and a down jacket that won’t make me look like I’ve been pumped full of air from the neck down. In fact, just this morning I wondered aloud, “Will I ever feel warmth again?”

The answer is yes, probably, and if and when this happens, I will likely be interested in buying summer footwear. I’m of the conviction that flip-flops should be left in the backyard or at the beach. I’m all about, like, “fashion sandals,” but standard flip-flops are just not fit for city life. Havaianas makes some of the most comfortable, durable flip-flops around. I wouldn’t say they’re cheap — they run from approximately $15 to $30, depending on the pair — but they’re certainly reasonable, come in tons of styles and colors, and last forevs.

That said, I would never, ever splurge on this Valentino x Havaianas collection. Sure, they’re cute, and I wouldn’t be upset if I were given them as a gift or something, but $895 for a pair of rubber flip-flops with a crocodile leather strap? What the fuck is that about? If you had $895 to spare, wouldn’t you want to buy, like, a legit pair of actual shoes, not some flip-flops with a piece of crocodile on them? AM I WRONG? (If you’re crazy, you can pre-order them at Luisa Via Roma.) [via Nitrolicious]