Astrology 101: The Sagittarius Love Compatibility Guide

Happy birthday, dear Sagittarius! As our gift to you, we put together this handy love compatibility guide so you can check out the pros and cons of all your romantic match-ups. Read on to get the astrological perspective on your love life!

Sagittarius with Aries:
Best thing: Being with an Aries is both fun and fulfilling for you. Your relationship will be an exciting whirlwind of adventures and new experiences.
Worst thing: Both you and Aries are quite headstrong, and when you two disagree it tends to get really intense, really fast.

Sagittarius with Taurus:
Best thing: Taurus will teach you a thing or two about relaxing and taking it easy, habits any Sagg could stand to work on!
Worst thing: After some time you may end up feeling annoyed, stifled, or even trapped by Taurus’ slow-paced lifestyle.

Sagittarius with Gemini:
Best thing: You and Gemini will have an instant attraction to one another based on high energy and your shared love of big ideas.
Worst thing: Gemini is extremely changeable and unpredictable, and you appreciate a little more stability in a partner.

Sagittarius with Cancer:
Best thing: You can help coax sensitive cancer out of their shell and Cancer can help soften your intensity a bit. The two of you can use your differences to help each other grow.
Worst thing: Cancer is so deeply sensitive that you will feel like you have to hold your tongue, and you hate suppressing your thoughts and feelings.

Sagittarius with Leo:
Best thing: Leo might just be the perfect partner for you! You both have an inherently optimistic view on life, allowing you to live on the light side of things, something you always crave.
Worst thing: You both “know” you are always right. Enough said.

Sagittarius with Virgo:
Best thing: Virgo can help you turn your big ideas into a reality, and you can help them step out of their comfort zone and dream bigger.
Worst thing: You love adventure and Virgo is a creature of worry and cautiousness — this will drive you nuts!

Sagittarius with Libra:
Best thing: Being with a Libra is a lovely experience for you. They will always support, validate, and understand you.
Worst thing: Libra’s inability to make quick decisions will not mesh well with your action-oriented lifestyle.

Sagittarius with Scorpio:
Best thing: This will be an intense connection for you, in a good way. It will push you to constantly delve deeper into your emotional self.
Worst thing: Scorpio’s tendency to spiral into negativity will put a HUGE damper on your generally happy and optimistic way of life.

Sagittarius with Sagittarius:
Best thing: Together you can create a fun, active life, full of unique experiences and amazing, up-all-night conversations.
Worst thing: If you never slow down enough to spend some quiet, intimate time with one another, you may find your relationship stays fairly shallow.

Sagittarius with Capricorn:
Best thing: Both of you have extremely proactive personalities, so you’ll have no trouble crossing things off your to-do lists and your bucket lists.
Worst thing: You and Capricorn both have a tendency to want to control things, which means you may end up caught in a constant power struggle.

Sagittarius with Aquarius:
Best thing: Aquarians make amazing partners for you. You share a desire to make this world a better place and a great social connection.
Worst thing: As two people who tend to believe their perspective is the right one, you might end up judging each other a little too often.

Sagittarius with Pisces:
Best thing: You are both quite idealistic and can spend hours talking about all your goals and aspirations, not to mention the meaning of life.
Worst thing: Ultimately, you might feel weighed down by Pisces’ need for emotional closeness.