An Open Letter To Fleece Leggings

Dear Fleece Leggings,

I wasn’t planning to buy you when I walked into a cute little boutique in East Nashville. In fact, I wasn’t planning to buy anything for myself. I was Christmas shopping for a few friends and had sworn on my rapidly dwindling bank account that I wasn’t going to buy myself any gifts in the process. (I have this terrible habit of buying myself 2 things for every 1 thing I buy someone else. Oops.)

But then, as I browsed the racks, earnestly looking for gifts for friends and family members, my hand brushed up against your waistband. Scandalous, right? You were so soft that I must have audibly gasped, because the store clerk looked up from the counter and said, “Those are fleece-lined leggings. Just wait until you feel the inside!”

So I felt your inside (double scandalous!) and immediately started moaning and groaning like an Herbal Essences commercial. 

You were so unbelievably soft and warm and for some reason I want to say “creamy” so I’m just going to say it: creamy. I briefly considered buying you as a gift for a friend, but deep down I knew you were meant to be (M2B) with me. I lusted for you in ways I don’t normally lust for clothing. I had to have you on my body RIGHT NOW, so I disregarded my “no gifts for myself” rule and plunked down my debit card (it helped that you were less than 20 bucks).

I went home, put you on, and didn’t take you off for the whole weekend. It was bliss. I wore you to lounge around the house, to grab coffee, to take a long walk around a lake, to do yoga, to shop for more Christmas gifts for myself my friends. Keep in mind that these were bitterly cold days in Nashville, and you kept me toasty warm the whole time. I wore you with dresses, billowy blouses, baggy sweaters, and my knee-length Celine Dion nightgown. You even fit under my jeans! I was shocked at your versatility, although I’m not sure if you actually looked good with everything or if I was blinded by how good you felt with everything. I’m not sure I even care, to be honest.

Fleece-lined leggings, I just want to thank you for helping me achieve winter coziness levels I never even knew existed. Suddenly I’m not feeling so bitter about the whole “bitter cold” thing, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Warmly (literally),

P.S. I cannot find a tag or brand name in my leggings, but I’m 99% sure these are the ones I bought. There’s also a plus size option!