WTF: Creepy Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Only Gets Three Years Probation

Former San Diego mayor Bob Filner, who resigned in August after he was accused of sexual harassment and assault by 18 women, has been sentenced to three months of home confinement and three years of probation. Three of those women filed charges against the disgraced former Congressman: two counts of misdemeanor battery and one count of felony false imprisonment. Justice has been served … um, NOT.

Filner publicly apologized in July after he was accused of groping several constituents and employees. He refused to define what he did as sexual harassment or sexual assault, instead describing it as “intimidation.” That “intimidation” includes accusations that he put his hand inside one constituent’s bra, grabbed another woman’s breast and butt, and forced yet another woman to kiss him. City Hall employees spoke to the media about “the Filner dance,” which was what they called the way female employees would give him a wide berth so as not to have physical contact with him.

In late July, Filner entered “behavior counseling” for two weeks, but checked himself out one week early. He finally resigned in August, after a total of 18 women had accused him of sexual harassment and assault, including a Navy rear admiral, a university dean, a politial consultant, and several City Hall employees. Many of the assaults repeated the same pattern, U-T San Diego described: Filner would isolate his victim, ask her about her relationship status, and then throw himself on her.

In October, Filner got hit with charges from three of his victims, who were identified as Jane Does. Their abuses included forced kissing, a butt being groped during a photo op, and “forcefully restraining a woman at a fundraiser.” He plead guilty to all those charges.

Filner was finally sentenced today to three years of probation, avoiding jail time under a plea deal. He must serve three months in home confinement, undergo mental healthcare, and will lose his pension credit since the date of first accusation, which was in March. He is also not allowed to run for public office until he finishes probation.

This is some bulllllllshit. Home confinement, a paltry hit to his pension and probation are a slap on the wrist for this creep. What kind of message does that send to other men who sexually assault women? It says being a dirty old man isn’t such a big deal, that’s what. While I understand his sentencing only referenced three women’s accusations, the fact he was publicly accused by 18 women says to me that he’s a legitimate predator and a threat to public safety.

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