How They Fell In Love: He Accidentally Shot Her In The Leg

“It’s like a modern version of how a caveman used to bash a woman over the head with a club. These days, they just shoot her in the leg,” said Rachel Mayo Greer of how her sister Audrey Mayo and her boyfriend Tyler Webb fell in love. Sounds awfully romantic…

Georgia couple, 24-year-old Audrey Mayo and 23-year-old Tyler Webb had known each other for a couple of months, and shared a love of hunting and the Grateful Dead, but didn’t officially fall in love until Tyler accidentally shot Audrey with an SKS rifle. One day while hunting, Tyler mistook Audrey for a deer rustling in the woods and fired his rifle.

When he realized that he had shot her in the leg, Tyler called 911, but was arrested for several shooting violations, oh, and taking a whole slew of illegal drugs. (This might explain why he mistook Audrey for a deer, but we’re not focusing on that right now. It’s a love story!) Even though he faces a number of criminal charges, Audrey’s family says they are not mad at Tyler because he didn’t mean to shoot her. Since that fateful day, Tyler has moved into their house to help take care of Audrey and they have become a couple.  “Cupid doesn’t use a bow and arrow anymore,” said 30-year-old Jesse Greer, Mayo’s brother-in-law. “He uses an SKS rifle.”

I think I liked it better when cupid was less life threatening. [Times Free Press]