Harry Styles And Kendall Jenner Hit Up “Gays Gone Wild” Night

  • Harry Styles took Kendall Jenner out on a date we’d actually like: the lovebirds hit up  New York City gay bar Therapy  for “Gays Gone Wild” night, where they were spotted holding hands. Last month, the pair were spotted going out to dinner together. [US Weekly]
  • A brief history of the Lohan-Hilton blood feud. [The Wire]
  • Racists are freaking out over Lorde’s rumored boyfriend, 23-year-0ld  James Lowe, who’s Asian. [Jezebel]
  • Roger Ebert’s website is running a week of reviews and essays written entirely by women. [Think Progress]
  • Beyonce is putting out a new album next year, “obviously.” [NYMag.com]
  • Why did the big divas — Katy, Gaga, Britney — disappoint in 2013? [Idolator]
  • Madonna’s 17-year-old daughter Lourdes Leon starred as Rizzo, the coolest of the Pink Ladies, in her high school’s production of “Grease.” [US Weekly]
  • Lamar Odom has been sentenced to three years of probation and a three-month alcohol-education program following his DUI arrest in August. [People]
  • The Pixies have gone through two bassists this year already and have now appointed Paz Lenchantin, formerly of A Perfect Circle, as their new bassist — but only as a “touring bassist.” [New York Times]
  • On the absurd life of an Abercrombie & Fitch model. [Salon]
  • Tokyo has a robot restaurant and it looks like an acid trip on the inside. [Gothamist]
  • Aron Ralson, the subject of the movie “127 Hours” starring James Franco, was arrested this weekend for domestic violence. Charges have already been dropped. [People, TMZ]

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[Photo: Splash News]