Have You Seen Pearl The Missing Pig?

Pearl the pig, the adorable local celebrity of China’s Tiananmen Square, is missing! Pearl became an internet sensation when she caught the eye of photographer Zeng Zhi on her daily walk around the square last week. His photos of Pearl went viral, but that fame has come with a price – Pearl disappeared and is nowhere to be found. Has she been pig-napped?

Nobody has seen her since Tuesday morning, and her owner, Ms. He, is concerned. “Pearl is no troublemaker,” she said. “She loves the sunshine and the attention from the people…that’s why she picked the lawns near the Square to hang out.” According to Ms. He, the lovable pig usually takes a walk around the neighborhood on her own and makes her way home within half an hour. Ms. He is worried that someone may have hurt her pet – or worse. “I wouldn’t mind giving Pearl to others if they promise to be nice to her. But now I just want her back,” she said. Keep your eyes peeled, internet! [BBC UK]