Your Daily Squee: The Real-Life Fox And The Hound

Norwegian photographer Torgeir Berge was stunned when his dog Tinni met a wild fox in the woods, and instead of fighting with it or chasing it away, seemed to enjoy its company. The fox, who was eventually named Sniffer, also showed an immediate affection for Tinni. The two animals quickly became best friends, and a real-life version of “The Fox and the Hound” was born.

Tinni and Sniffer now spend their days frolicking around the forest together, and Berge’s beautiful pictures of the unlikely playmates are soon going to be turned into a book of photos and fairytales that Berge and his writing partner Berit Helberg hope will raise awareness about the cruelty of the fox fur industry. Says Helberg: “This special couple deserves their own book, mostly because we in this way can be the voice of the animals, help Sniffer’s own fox family and breed, and hopefully increase the knowledge for people who are not aware of how similar foxes and dogs actually are.” See more adorable photos of the rambunctious BFFs here, but be warned: spontaneous squeeing at your desk is a common side effect of clicking that link. [Berit Helberg]