“Vaginal Knitting” Is Here: Watch This Woman Knit From Wool Inserted Inside Her Vagina

When I first heard the term “vaginal knitting,” I assumed it meant knitting with your pubic hair. [Really? I assumed it meant knitting things that look like vaginas. — Amelia] But no. Vaginal knitting is inserting a skein of wool into your vulva and knitting with it!

Whoa. Crafting just went to a whole new level.

Our vaginal knitter is Casey Jenkins, a feminist performance artist from Melbourne, Australia, who performs in a “craftivist” group called Craft Cartel. This piece is entitled “Casting Off My Womb” and is taking place in Darwin.

“I’m spending 28 days knitting from wool that I’ve inserted in my vagina,” Jenkins explained. “Everyday I take a new skein of wool that’s been wound so that it will unravel from the center and I stick it up inside me … and then I pull out the thread and knit.” You will be happy to hear Jenkins will continue to knit even during her period.

Knitting from her vagina isn’t at all painful, Jenkins confirmed, and in fact can be “arousing.” One of the points of the piece is how knitting with wool inside her vulva evokes “fear and repulsion” in viewers, but also is ultimately restricting and confining for her because she can’t move much while she’s doing it.

I have to ask the obvious question here: how hygienic can it be to put wool in your vag? If you stick a dildo or a cucumber or whatever inside you, you’ve washed and dried it first. A skein of wool is much more porous and complex to clean before inserting inside you and, given the fact that it’s animal hair, probably gets very warm. Bacterial vaginosis, anyone?

Such are the risks one has to take for “craftivism,” I suppose. Knit on, sister.

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