This Guy Is Asking The Interwebs For Help Finding His Missing Crush

So, once upon a time, a boy from New Zealand got lost in Hong Kong on New Year’s Eve and met a girl from America: “I was just walking around and admiring the lights and found this girl just crying on the side of the road … I went and tried to help her out. She was lost. She’d lost all her friends.”

After the boy cheered her up with his “undeniably bad sense of humor,” he took her out for drinks, and she eventually found her friends again. At 6 a.m., the party ended and she left.

However, before she took off, she dropped a romantic comedy-style bomb on the dude. Leaving the boy with her name, her hometown (Washington, D.C.), and her picture, she challenged him to “find her.” And off she went.

The boy sure did try, and in June he turned to Facebook for help, but to no avail.

He hasn’t given up yet, and he’s decided to give things another shot. “I think this time of year people have hope for the magic (of Christmas),” said the boy, whose name is Reese McKee. With thousands enlisted to help, Reese hopes to get his wish of reuniting with the fairytale girl, named Katie, this New Year’s Eve.

Reese says he’s been hurt in the past and closed his heart for too long. The 25-year-old says this search for Katie is a way to find not only her, but himself. On the Facebook page, he wrote:

This page was created out of hope, and hope is what it stands for. I barely know her, but I would really like to.

If you know a Katie who looks like her in Washington, D.C., you know who to call!