In Case You Were Wondering, Kim Zolciak Is Back To A Size 4 After Giving Birth To Twins, Like, 10 Seconds Ago

Kim Zolciak had twins on November 25, and in what is apparently much bigger news, she is now back to a size 4 again. At least, according to the Twitterverse. She and her 16-year-old daughter Brielle have been retweeting one another’s selfies and cutesy quips about how on earth Kim’s “belly is almost gone” just nine days after giving birth. When Brielle asked the internet how her mom could have possibly lost so much weight so fast, Kim told her it was from chasing after Brielle and her siblings. Kim’s twins, Kaia Rose and Kane Ren, are welcomed by her four other children. According to Kim, the babies are “doing awesome.” I don’t know whether to be annoyed about the worldwide obsession with “post-baby bodies” or just totally impressed and awed by her supergenes. [Huffington Post]