Style Stealer: Olivia Palermo’s Black & White Evening Ensemble

Here’s what happens far, far, far too often when I’m working on a Style Stealer. I see a celeb in an outfit I think is awesome and I think to myself, Oh cool, this will be easy to steal — I’ve seen [INSERT EXTREMELY TRENDY KEY ITEM] everywhere! I embark upon my quest, searching for each item that makes up the outfit, only to discover that the key item I saw everywhere literally just days ago is somehow gone. Sold out, suddenly nowhere to be found, maybe never existed, whatever. It’s like I dreamt up the ubiquitousness of this item. But because I am totally ADD/OCD, I end up hyper-focusing on replicating that outfit, even though it’s no longer nearly as simple, and suddenly, three hours later, I have a Style Stealer that is cute, but probably better described as inspired by the original celeb’s look, rather than a remotely-close replica. I both feel like a failure (for spending such a ridiculous amount of time on something so silly) and victorious (for completing a task I set out to accomplish, dammit).

Such is the case with this Olivia Palermo look. That sleeveless white blazer? Everywhere last week, NOWHERE today. In my exhaustive research, however, I have learned that this item is also called a “gilet” or “waistcoat,” so it wasn’t a total waste of my time. Anyway, I ended up going with a regular ol’ white blazer with black details, layed over a black jumpsuit with a similar lacy neckline, and a jeweled clutch that is just as fancy as Olivia’s, but looks nothing like it. Ugh, whatever. Click on for the shopping details!

Jumpsuit: $72, Line & Dot, Nasty Gal
Clutch: $39.99, Zara
Blazer: $69.87, ASOS
Pumps: $59.98, Aldo