Science: Marijuana Use Might Be Causing Man Boobs

Oh man, I better call up all my high school boyfriends and tell them the news before it’s too late. Actually, on second thought, I’ll let them suss this one out for themselves. According to experts (yeah, you heard me, experts!!), regular marijuana use could be to blame for a hormonal imbalance leading to excessive breast tissue in men.

Animal studies show a link between the active ingredient in marijuana and a decrease in testosterone levels, which can result in gynecomastia, better known by its scientific name, man boobs. Gynecomastia is the product of an abnormal development of mammary glands caused by a hormonal imbalance — read: hormones that “tip in favor of estrogen” — and while studies of the effects on humans have been “limited and inconsistent,” the evidence is enough that plastic surgeons are now advising marijuana-smoking gynecomastia patients to lay off the leaf.

In other news, smoking pot is still totally fine for everyone else. [via Jezebel]