Today’s Lady News: Why, Yes, This Is An Actual Ad For The D.C. Metro

  • Seriously, D.C. Metro? “Can’t we just talk about shoes?” [DCist via The Wire]
  • After Sasha Fleischman, a genderqueer/agender student in Oakland, California, was set on fire on a city bus by an attacker, other teens wore non-genderconforming clothing in solidarity. [Queerty]
  • These anti-drinking rape PSAs from the UK are cringeworthy. [Jezebel]
  • Police in Nigeria freed 16 pregnant teen girls being held captive in a “baby factory.”  The girls were between the ages of 14 and 19 and were forced to carry babies which would then be sold. [Raw Story]
  • My friend Kathryn Joyce wrote a fantastic piece in The American Prospect about children who were raised in fundamentalist Christian families and are creating support groups to help kids, especially young women, isolated and trapped by religious homeschooling. It’s a must-read. [The American Prospect]
  • Women in Saudi Arabia are making small but important gains in the workforce. [New York Times]
  • What got wrong about R. Kelly. [ColorLines]
  • Why the case of the “forced C-section woman” in the UK may not be what it seems. [In These Times]
  • A teenaged abstinence pledge ruined this woman’s marriage. [Salon]
  • What to expect from New York City’s first-ever Black first lady, Chirlane McCray. [The Root]

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