‘Tis The Season For Large Corporations To Steal From From Illustrators

Another day, another artist accusing larger corporations of stealing her work. Today it’s cartoonist and illustrator Gemma Correll, whose pug-heavy doodles you may recognize from her “Pugs Not Drugs” paraphernalia or books like A Pug’s Guide To Etiquette and A Pug’s Guide To Dating.

Gemma’s doodle of a cat and pug together sitting under mistletoe, with the cat saying “Don’t even think about it!”, has allegedly been stolen by not one but two retailers.

The first retailer is Urban-Planet.com, who sold a long-sleeved tee shirt (above) with the same set up, although the pug has a rose in its mouth and the cat says “Not a chance.” Urban Planet appears to have since removed the baseball-style tee from their web site after Correll tweeted about it.

The second retailer is the British retailer M & Co. They sold a long-sleeved navy blue tee shirt (below) with the same cat, pug and mistletoe design.

M & Co. also appear to have removed the shirt from their site after Correll tweeted about it, although I saw an image of it being used (which has also disappeared) to illustrate the landing page for the teen clothing section.

Sadly, Urban Planet and M & Co. aren’t alone in their shadiness. Both Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 have long histories of accusations of theft from independent artists. Shame on all of you!

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