D.C. Police Officer Charged With Taking Nude Photographs Of 15-Year-Old Girl

“Shocking and disturbing.”  These are the words of Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Chief of Police Cathy Lanier after an officer was arrested on Monday for the production of child pornography by taking nude photos of a 15-year-old girl.

It began when Officer Marc Washington, a seven-year veteran of the force, responded to a call at a mother’s southern D.C. apartment on Sunday afternoon claiming her teenaged daughter was missing.  The daughter actually returned later that day. But Officer Washington randomly returned to the home around 11:40 p.m. on Sunday — without being called by the family — and asked to speak privately with the teen.

While alone, Officer Washington asked her where she had been when she left home and also asked her to remove her top and bra.  She resisted and asked why she should, but he insisted that he needed to photograph any injuries. He then allegedly took photographs of her breasts, upper body, and “unclothed vaginal area.”  He also claimed he needed to see her hip tattoo for “identification.” Overall, he took 12 pictures of the victim.

Before Washington left the apartment a second time, he wrote down his phone number for the victim and told her to call him if she needed anything.

After Officer Washington left, the victim told her mother what happened and they called 911 to report his revolting behavior. He had deleted the images from the camera found on him, but they were recovered by law enforcement. Twenty-three other images of nude women, including two who appear to be minors, were found on the camera. Washington has been arrested and charged with production of child pornography.

It isn’t just horrifying that a police officer would abuse his position of power. It’s even more disgusting that he preyed on a vulnerable teenage girl by coercing her into undressing by flexing his position of authority. And leaving his phone number and suggesting that she call him, indicates that he had devices on abusing her further. That’s textbook sexual predator behavior. Good on this girl and her mother for reporting him.

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