Australian Researchers Develop Possible Male Birth Control Pill To Stop “The Transport Of Sperm”

The development of a male birth control pill is a myth like the existence of the Sasquatch or buying anything decent on Gilt Groupe before it sells out.  Yet another team of researchers has claimed women of the world may see our dream come true within the next decade. The one about the male pill, I mean. Not Gilt Groupe sales.

Scientists at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia said have found a way to cause temporary, reversible infertility by blocking two proteins that stop “the transport of sperm” during ejaculation. What that actually  means in non-science-speak, I don’t know. I thought ejaculation was only about the transport of sperm. But one researcher explained on, “The sperm is effectively there, but the muscle is just not receiving the chemical message to move it.” I’m still confused. All I know is that scientists say it doesn’t effect the quality of sperm in the long-term and, like many forms of contraception for women (and vastectomies!), it is reversible. I’ll continue to wait patiently as I pop my daily Loestrin.


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