Who Will Buy The Insanely Priced Pieces From Jay Z’s Barneys Collection?

The seemingly innocuous topic of Jay Z’s limited edition holiday collection in collaboration with Barneys turned rife with controversy in the past few weeks after the upscale NYC department store was accused of two separate racial profiling incidents in the last month alone. Everyone from Jon Stewart to Andre Leon Talley criticized the hip-hop mogul’s decision to go forth with the high-profile partnership, even after he announced that 100 percent of the proceeds from the collection would go to his Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation for low-income students.

Now that the collection has hit the Barneys New York website and I’ve gotten a real good look at it (sorry, but what if I wanted something from it for Christmas?), my takeaway is this: with products like the $33,900 Shawn Carter watch by Hublot, the $58,000 Mollino crocodile jacket by Rick Owens, a $2,590 pair of embroidered leather boxing shorts and so much more, well, that’s a hell of a lot of money going into the Shawn Carter Foundation this holiday season. That is, provided anyone actually BUYS any of this stuff. Do they? I really don’t know; it’s a serious question.