Sorry, But I Don’t Want A Hot Gynecologist

Buzzfeed has a post up today called “Meet the Hottest Gynecologist Ever.” And Manuel Rico, who’s from Spain but does pap smears down in Chile, is indeed smokin’ hot. Like, model hot. “Bachelor” hot. Pool boy hot. Christian Grey hot. THAT HOT. Dr. Manuel is so hot that women are standing in line to have their vaginas checked out by him.

I do not understand this. Not just because I can’t understand getting enthused about going for my annual pap — maybe because my own gyno considers sticking her finger in my asshole part of the routine — but because the last thing I want is for my gynecologist to be fuckable.

I can imagine nothing more uncomfortable. If a good looking man is going to kneel down between my legs, I don’t want my feet to be in stirrups. I want to be on a bed, about to get my pussy licked, dammit. The gynecologist is the last place I want to find myself fretting about whether my pubic hair is groomed and if I smell fresh. I don’t want  a gynecologist so hot I might accidentally find myself becoming aroused while he’s swabbing my cervix. WHAT IF HE CAN TELL?!?!?!

So, yeah, congrats Chile on having the world’s hottest gynecologist pap smearing your female population. But I am content to have my vagina’s health in the hands of my cool but grandmotherly lady gyno who I most certainly do not want to fuck. [Buzzfeed]