“Mr. 300 Sandwiches” Seeks Marriage Proposal Ideas Via Twitter

Oh, awful “300 sandwiches” people, leave us be! You have your book deal already! But no, you were back in the New York Post again this weekend.

This time Sandwich Boyfriend himself, Eric Schulte, wrote the piece. The Aleksander Skarsgaard lookalike agreed to propose to his girlfriend, Page Six reporter Stephanie Smith, after she makes him 300 sammies and blogs about the experience for 300sandwiches.com. Now he wants readers’ advice on how to propose, because romance. 

In his article angling for his own book deal telling his side of the story, Schulte defends the criticism he’s gotten for turning a marriage proposal into a contractual obligation because it’s an inspiration to others:

Every couple has inside jokes, and ours consisted of three measures of 1950s traditional gender roles; one measure of “Borat”; half a measure of saccharine, shaken vigorously, served in a highball with a Krazy Straw — because, why not?

“Baby, how about you make me a sandwich tonight?” I’d say.

She would normally roll her eyes and laugh as I went on making the meal.

One day she responded to my joke with one herself: She made me that sandwich. Thus began a chain reaction of one-upmanship to an eventual climax where I uttered those fateful words: “Baby, you’re just 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!”

TKO: Perfect absurdity, right in the kisser. I win. (Or did she?)

And just like that, we created a project that would offend some, inspire others and delight far more.

I think you mean nauseate, Eric Schulte. Nauseate is the right word here. Your very obvious ploy for a book deal capitalizes on lazy stereotypes about the sexes: men just want to be waited on hand and foot, while women just want an engagement ring. The added grotesquerie was making us wonder what kind of woman would want to marry a guy who would only get down on one knee after his 300th burp of mayo. (Media savvy ones, that’s who!)

Well, Sandwich Boyfriend has less than 100 sandwiches to go and he wants to “out-Kanye Kanye” which the proposal. Of course he does!  This marriage proposal isn’t about love, it’s about their dual need for attention. Among the many romantic ideas he is considering are taking out a full-page ad in the Post and training fireflies to spell out “Marry Me,” like in “The Nutty Professor II” — you know, that movie every little girl watches growing up dreaming about her proposal.

But if you have any better ideas, which you probably do, you can tweet them at him at @mr300sandwiches. The two of them will definitely write another article about it.

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