Hi-Tech “Mood Sweater” Changes Color According To Your Emotions

A few months ago at my parents’ house I was rifling through a drawer full of tokens of my adolescence (read: a bunch of old stuff my mom has failed to throw away) and happened to discover a mood ring. It was in the shape of a dolphin and I was beside myself with glee. “I’m totally bringing mood rings back,” I declared, to myself, but my style resurgence was short-lived: I got a rash, obviously, which is what always happens to me. (“Is that scabies?,” my boyfriend asked me in alarm last week as I stretched my bare legs across his bed. Nope, I had just shaved that morning, that’s all.)

Because I’m an attention whore and also the center of the universe, I’ll never give up on my desire to broadcast my many moods, which is why the GER mood sweater, by design lab Sensoree, was made 4 me. The sweater utilizes Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), “the way in which the conductance of human skin changes in response to stimuli.” The funnel-shaped LED collar functions by attaching sensors to the sweater-wearer’s hands that are then hooked up to the collar, indicating different emotional states with a range of colors, from green (“tranquil – Zen”) to crimson (“nervous – in love”), just like the mood rings of yore. One hundred of the (surely very expensive) custom garments are anticipated to go on sale in March. [The Guardian]