13-Year-Old Calls For Marriage Equality At His Bar Mitzvah

Filed under The Sweetest Thing You Will See Today: 13-year-old Duncan McAlpine Sennett spoke out in favor of marriage equality at his Bar Mitzvah last month.In preparing for his Bar Mitzvah (a religious initiation for Jewish men at age 13), he took a look at Genesis, where he noted that the concept of traditional marriage has evolved several times over since the bible was first written.

A coalition in Portland, Oregon, where Duncan lives, is hoping to get marriage equality on the 2014 ballot. As he puts it, “The definition of traditional marriage has changed a lot since the days of the Torah, so why can’t it change just a little bit more so everybody can marry who they love?” There is something so moving about a young person putting this plea in such clear, innocent terms. I think some cranky politicians would benefit from a look at this video for a reminder of what their arguing is all about in the first place.

A full transcription of Duncan’s Bar Mitzvah speech can be read on Towleroad. Let’s hope that as Duncan gets older, marriage inequality becomes something of the past.