Sasha Fleischman, Agender Teen Victim Of A Homophobic Attack, Speaks Out

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Attacked For Wearing A Skirt

Oakland, California teenager Sasha Fleischman was the victim of a horrific hate crime last month when another teenager lit hir* skirt on fire as ou* rode home, asleep, on a city bus. The teen suffered second and third degree burns in the attack. Why was Sasha targeted? The teen identifies as agender rather than male or female and is an activist for agender Americans. Sasha has gathered 27,000 online signatures in hopes of capturing President Obama’s attention on the issue.

Sasha has just returned to hir home after undergoing three surgeries, and ou has some pretty inspiring things to say, like being grateful the grisly assault has brought attention to those who identify as agender. Nor will Sasha give up wearing skirts! If only we could all be as graceful during tough times as Sasha has chosen to be. You can donate to Sasha’s recovery here.

[CBS San Francisco]

* “Hir” and “ou” are gender-neutral pronouns for those who don’t identify as male or female.

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