10 Important Life Questions Answered By Britney Spears GIFs

Thirty-two years ago today, a legendary pop star was born. It’s Britney Spears’ birthday, bitches! To celebrate Brit-Brit’s day of birth, we thought it would be prudent to answer a series of very important life questions using only the infinite wisdom of Britney Spears GIFs. Read on to get your shit sorted out by life coach Britney…

1. Britney, sometimes I feel like I’m living my life based on what other people want from me. What should I do?

Britney Spears Destiny GIF

2. I recently came into some money. How should I invest it?

Britney Spears Shoes GIF

3. What should I say to my coworker who hums constantly all day, every day?

Britney Spears Youre Getting On My Nerves GIF

4. Britney, my career isn’t going anywhere and it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to afford a Maserati any time soon. Any advice for me?

Work Bitch GIF

5. A Men’s Rights Activist told me that men are inherently superior to women. Is that true, Britney?

Britney That Is False GIF

6. I’m worried about a new law that was just passed by my state’s legislature. What should I do?

Go Call The Governor GIF

7. Britney, I’m nervous about letting my boyfriend see me without makeup on. What should I say to him?

Real Me Britney GIF

8. Britney, I’ve had this nasty rash on my arm for awhile. Will you take a look at it?

Britney Spears Grossed Out GIF

9. OK, nevermind about the rash thing. What should I say to my blackjack dealer when I’m dealt a 4 and a 7?

Hit Me Baby GIF

10. My high school reunion is coming up and I really want to make an entrance. Any ideas?

Britney Legend GIF

Thanks Britney! Here’s to 32 more years (at leeeeaast) of fabulous outfits, amazing songs, and GIF-able advice!