Street Style Star Of The Week: Celine Dion

Finding good street style photos of Celine Dion is difficult for a few reasons:

  1. If she’s not promoting an album, she’s usually shuttling back and forth between her house and her Vegas colosseum — she doesn’t go out much.
  2. When she does go out, she is completely mobbed by fans and autograph seekers, which makes it hard to see her outfits.
  3. She spends so much time flailing around and making weird faces and dancing (AKA being Celine Dion) that 95% of the photos are blurry.

These aren’t complaints of course; I love Celine just the way she is. Luckily for me, Queen Celine is promoting an album right now (Loved Me Back To Life), which has provided a fresh crop of kinda-usable street style photos in which we can admire various incarnations of Celine’s signature ensemble: skinny pants, a fabulous jacket, and killer heels that cost more than a three-bedroom house. Click through to check out Celine strutting her stuff on the catwalk sidewalk…