Study: Students Love Tweeting About Adderall

According to a recent study at Brigham Young University, Adderall has become increasingly common among college students looking for a boost during finals week and midterms. BYU turned to Twitter to determine how often Adderall was mentioned in students’ social media lives. Among 132,099 unique users, a total of 213,633 tweets mentioned Adderall between November 2011 and May 2012. This peaked during final exams, and were highest in the Northeast and the South.

BYU came across tweets that made statements like. “I need Adderall. Can’t focus on studying or finishing these reviews” and  “Does anyone have Adderall? #desperate.”

According to the University of Southern California Science Review, 14 percent of students said they have been asked to sell, trade or distribute Adderall as of 2012. In a survey, 95 percent of students said they “were able to obtain a false diagnosis of ADHD by faking symptoms on one of the most commonly used self-reporting scales.”

The study also found that Adderall-related tweets peak on Wednesdays and decrease on Saturdays. December 13, 2011 had more mentioned of Adderall than any other day in the study, with 2,813 students talking about it. The drug was only mentioned 292 times on Christmas Day of that year. Adderall was also mentioned alongside sleep deprivation, lost appetite, and alcohol use. The general trend seems to be that the students tweeting about Adderall are those without a prescription or diagnosed need for the drug. #Drama. But seriously, if this many students without a medical need for Adderall are having trouble concentrating, maybe it’s time for universities to explore better study methods to help their students survive finals season. [USA Today]