11 Ways To Recreate A “Friends”-Style Thanksgiving (In GIFs!)

There’s nothing I love more than sitting down with a heaping bowl of stuffing and rewatching “Friends” Thanksgiving episodes. Providing us with some of the best Turkey Day episodes of all time, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, Ross and Rachel brought it EVERY year, leaving me wondering what the holidays would be like if I were the seventh friend. But that’s a “moo point.” This year, turn your own Thanksgiving into a “Friends”-inspired one. Here’s how to do it…

1. Scare your friends. But instead of putting a real turkey carcass on your head, rock one of these bad boys.

2. Play a competitive game of flag football and create your own “Gellar Cup” by taping a troll doll to the top of a piece of firewood. Flashing is not off limits.

3. Try your hand at baking a trifle, but double check that you didn’t include a layer of beef. Even if you did, the Joey of your group will go to town on it.

4. Drag a large cardboard box near the dinner table and take 15-minute turns sitting silently in the box, where you can all reflect on your wrongdoings.

5. Chat up the chef , but do not wear wicker shoes. We hear knives go right through them.

6. Invite a surprise guest to your feast just to shake things up. Bonus points if you bring someone who has a history of secretly hating someone else at the dinner table.

7. Borrow your friend’s maternity pants and wear them. They leave more room for turkey and they’re comfy as all hell.

8. While you’re waiting for the food, challenge your pals to a game. Make them write down all of the fifty states from memory or add a fun twist to another game (may we suggest adding “Fire” to Rock, Paper, Scissors?)

9. If it’s just you and your honey spending Thanksgiving together, take a cue from Ugly Naked Guy and his Turkey Day companion, Ugly Naked Girl, and enjoy dinner in the nude.

10. Watch old home videos together or have each guest bring old group photos so you can look back and fondly remember when you and your pals rocked those ridiculous haircuts.

11. When the day is over, make a sandwich out of meal leftovers, including a piece of gravy-soaked bread in the middle as the “Moist Maker.” Just don’t let anyone steal it.