Supreme Court To Take Up Hobby Lobby Birth Control Case

  • The case filed by Hobby Lobby, a craft store owned by Christians who don’t believe in birth control and refuses to cover it under the Affordable Care Act, is headed to the Supreme Court. In March 2014, the highest court in the land will take up the question of whether a company can refuse to cover contraception for its employees due to the religious objections of its owners. Presently, only churches and other religious non-profits can refuse to cover BC. [Huffington Post]
  • A beauty salon in London is charging women over UK size 12 more for waxing because of the extra supplies supposedly needed. Oh, please. [The Gloss]
  • An Illinois judge has ruled that a lesbian couple can wed seven months before the state’s new same-sex marriage law goes into effect because one of the women has terminal breast cancer. Aww. [Mother Jones]
  • What we talk about when we talk about Black unwed mothers. [RH Reality Check]
  • Two Brazilian women have killed themselves after intimate images of them were released on social media. [Global Voices Online]
  • On the need to include Black women in the rape and alcohol debate. [RH Reality Check]
  • Here’s WNBA star Brittney Griner showing off her “lesbian tattoo.” [ColorLines]
  • This infographic proves gender inequality in Hollywood is worse than you think. [IndieWire]
  • Here’s what feminism is, according to stock photography. []
  • Florence Sando Manson, a pioneering female journalist on the radio during the ’40s and ’50s, has died at age 95. [Yahoo News]

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