Poll: Would You Ever Have Holiday Sex In Someone Else’s Home?

With Thanksgivukkah quickly approaching, it’s time we put the turkey and menorah talk aside for a moment to focus on something super important: your sexytime situation.

For those of you who are coupled up, the holidays often mean traveling with your significant other, either to visit your family or theirs, to enjoy the festivities together. A Thanksgiving-inspired post from our very own Jessica on How To Share A Bed With Your BF At The Parents’ House Without Epic Awkwardness got me thinking: how many people would actually do the hanky-panky at another’s house over the holidays?

I’ve never actually been in this situation, since a) I’ve been consistently been single, and b) holidays are usually held at my own house. But if I did have the chance, I don’t think I could go through with it. The last thing I need is my aunt walking into the guest room with a stack of fresh towels to see me getting my turkey stuffed, if you know what I mean (of course you do, this was a very descriptive reference).

We want to know: Would You Ever Have Holiday Sex In Someone Else’s Home? 

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