9 Things About Going To A Concert That Made Me Feel Super-Old (In GIFs!)

Sunday night, I had the privilege of seeing Kanye West in concert at Madison Square Garden. Creative and sonically amazing and fantastical … BUT YOU GUYS, IT WAS ALSO KIND OF BIZARRE.

There was someone dressed in a monster suit, and a volcano which exploded halfway through the show, and women with nylons pulled over their faces, and a guy dressed like Jesus, and a stage that tilted sideways up into the air during the show while Kanye dangled off the edge, and then this loooong rant that he went on about Lenny Kravitz and “The Hunger Games” and Adidas and Marc Jacobs and fashion. It was absolutely an incredible experience and I am glad to have had it. But I hadn’t been to a big stadium concert in a looong time and definitely not one involving Jesus and volcanoes. Damn, I’m only 29 but I felt old.

After the jump, here are nine things about going to the Kanye West concert that made me feel super-old — in GIFs!

The audience was filled with college and high school students — on a school night!   Can you believe it!?!

I saw girl wearing a crop top and short shorts and immediately felt concern she was not adequately dressed for the 32 degree weather outside. (Well, neither was Kim Kardashian, but what else is new.)

There was a really, really, really drunk girl at 8 p.m. crying and and asking her friend to take her home before the concert had even begun.  I just rolled my eyes. 

When did a small Pepsi start costing $5.50? 

Some rapper came out during A Tribe Called Quest’s opening performance and neither my husband and I had a friggin’ clue who he was. 

There was pot smoke. SO MUCH POT SMOKE.  [Husband would like to interject here and say he’s surprised there wasn’t more pot smoking going on. Now I feel extra old.]

I might have yawned a couple times while Kanye was onstage (and not because he was boring). 

I kept wanting to sit down.  Whaaat? My feet hurt. 

It was loud! And there were people, like, everywhere shoving and cutting people in line and stuff. Ugh. Kids these days!  I guess one thing is for certain:

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[Image of audience at a concert via Shutterstock]