9 Thanksgiving Games (And The Hazards That Come With Them)

Ahh, Thanksgiving.

Every year families and friends gather together to give thanks and stuff their faces with as much turkey and cornbread as possible without imploding. But after the potatoes have been plopped into Tupperware and the nightcaps are a-flowin’, it’s time to whip out the group-friendly activities. Game time, bitches.

We’ve put together a list of some fun Thanksgiving games to play in groups, along with the hazards that come with each. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 

Cards Against Humanity:A totally hilarious and inappropriate card game, CAH is best played in groups of sarcastic, witty 20 and 30-somethings. (The drunker, the better.)

Hazard: If played with family members, grandma may keel over into her rice pudding when she hears phrases like “two midgets shitting into a bucket,” and “Harry Potter erotica.” If you have an extremely politically correct friend, you’ll need to lock him/her in the bathroom for this one.

Wii: Fun for kids and adults, alike, Wii helps you work off some of the carbs you just consumed by playing interactive games and sports like bowling, boxing and dancing.

Hazard: Too much movement may induce vomiting, and no host wants to see all of the things you just ate end up on their rug. There is also the possibility of pulling a muscle or spraining a body part. (See: Dater X’s Thanksgiving Wii injury.)

Poker: With an older crowd, cards are an easy way to sit back, relax and digest while working on your poker face. Everybody owns a deck of cards, so you can pretty much play anywhere

Hazard: Any game that requires real currency is a terrible, terrible idea. A food coma combined with substantial amounts of alcohol make for a very bad gambling experience. While he’s half asleep and in the bag, Uncle Harry may lose his yacht to the family black sheep, and this is how the next World War begins.

Taboo: A great game for teamwork, Taboo is both fun and challenging. A cardholder tries to hint at a mystery word without saying any words on list of provided phrases, while their team tries to guess the word.

Hazard: Secrets tend to spill out during this one. Filters between brains and mouths disappear, and in trying to cue your teammates to say the word “softball,” by saying “I did this as a teenager in a field,” they may yell “sex,” “masturbate,” and “went streaking.”

Catchphrase: This requires you to play with relatively smart people. You’re given a phrase like “moot point,” or “running of the bulls,” and your teammates have to guess based on your clues.

Hazard: This game gets intense. Like many games, there might be a weak link or two. Unfortunately, your team’s success depends on every player being strong and communicative— and fights may break out when one person sucks.  “HOW CAN YOU NOT DESCRIBE ‘THE CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR’ YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE?!”

Twister: We shouldn’t have to explain this, but Twister involves contorting your body around on a mat with several others in order to reach specific colored dots, leaving you twisted up like a pretzel until you fall over.

Hazard: The sweet potatoes, applesauce, honey glazed turkey, stuffed mushrooms, green been casserole and wine you just consumed are bound to make you fart in someone’s face. Just don’t.

Scattergories:Given a list of various categories and rolling dice to reveal a letter, the aim of the game is to list words from each category starting with that letter. This game allows no downtime and requires quick thinking, as you only have three minutes to answer.

Hazard: You might learn that some of the other players, or you, are stupid. The person who lists “knife” as a kitchen utensil starting with the letter “N” will forever be talked about at future family functions and/or until they die.

BS:Otherwise known as “bullshit,” this card game requires you to call out other players when you think they’re fibbing about the cards they’re trying to get rid of…by yelling “BULLSHIT!”

Hazard: You may find out that some people you trust are very, very good liars. Before you know it, your mother runs out of cards without so much as a flinch, which makes you question whether you really are a distant relative of Oprah Winfrey, like she said.

Charades:A player pulls a secret word or phrase from a pile and has to act it out for the others to guess.A classic party game.

Hazard: There is a good chance you will look like an asshole.

Proceed with caution, and Happy Thanksgiving!