Orange Crocs Are Being Discontinued, So Mario Batali Ordered 200 Pairs

Carrie Bradshaw and her “Carrie” necklace. Karl Lagerfeld and his black sunglasses. Mario Batali and his orange crocs. Some pairings are just go together like peanut better and jelly. Which is why when Crocs announced it would be discontinuing its orange shoes, Batali did the only rational thing and ordered 200 pairs of them. He admitted in Details that he got the last 200 pairs of orange Crocs ever via a special order. But for anyone dying to dress like Mario Batali next Halloween or just wear hideous shoes for the hell of it, a spokesperson confirmed to the blog Eater that there’s still a line of orange Crocs for Batali to wear when his bounty runs out. Crocs has made special Bistro Mario Batali and Bistro Mario Batali Vent Clogs in both orange and black, since 2007. The shoes are the same as the orange Crocs, only they feature the celebrity chef’s signature on them and promise to be especially comfortable for food industry folks who are on their feet all day. However,  if you want normal orange Crocs and not the special orange ones, you’ll have to appeal to Mr. Batali himself. [Eater] [Photo: Getty]