It’s Time To Cry: A Group Of 5th Grade Boys Come Together To Show A Bullied Student Lots Of Love

A group of 5th grade boys at Williams Intermediate School in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, who call themselves the “Band Of Brothers,” have pretty much just restored my faith in humanity. These little boys are so kind and loving that they almost make you forget how cruel kids can be. When the “Band of Brothers” heard that other kids were picking on Danny Keefe, the six-year-old water boy for the local Pee Wee football team, they did more than come to his defense. 

Danny is an easy target for bullies because of his speech impediment , caused by a brain hemorrhage at birth, and his habit of wearing a jacket and tie to school every day. In order to show just how much they didn’t approve of Danny being picked on, the “Band of Brothers” organized a “Danny Appreciation Day,” where all attendees dressed in their best suit and tie and got together to show Danny just how much he’s loved.

“We heard that Danny was getting picked on. So, we thought we would all have a day to dress up like Danny and we would all come to school like Danny and sponsor Danny to show Danny that we love him very much,” said one Danny’s supporters through tears.

OK. Little boys crying and showing affection. Tissues please. [Gawker]