Tokyo Now Has A Nap Cafe For Ladies On The Go

You know that mid-afternoon feeling when you’d give anything to be curled up in your bed? Someone’s found a brilliant way to economize on that with pay-by-the-minute beds solely for the purpose of napping. Tokyo’s Nap Cafe Corne was designed for on-the-go upper-middle-class women to take naps in the midst of long, busy days.

For a $1.80 (150 yen) per 10 minutes, a cozy twin-sized bed with a cutesy canopy is yours, as well as a choices of pillows to best suit your taste. The cafe also offers make-up and changing rooms, snacks, and a kitchen. Customers who don’t want to wrinkle their clothes are offered a fresh set of clothes. At night, the cafe transforms into a karaoke lounge – even better. Can someone bring these to New York City please? I can’t imagine a better way to unwind on those chilly, frenzied days when your bed seems so very far away. [Gizmodo]