Help This Little Girl Find Her Missing Stuffed Rabbit

When I was 4, my cherished stuffed Mickey Mouse fell out of my stroller on a trip to Aspen, and I was heartbroken when I had to go back home to Michigan without him. Weeks later, my dad miraculously saw Mickey’s ear sticking out of a snowbank in front of the hotel we’d stayed at. We thawed him out and Mickey was good to go — I still have him all these years later. Needless to say, I am so invested in the Stewart family’s hunt for their daughter’s Mr. Rabbit.

In a debacle that can only be described as “tragically adorable,” a little girl’s mom is on an internet mission to find a missing stuff rabbit. Mr. Rabbit, belongs to 3-year-old Ruby of the U.K. Her mother, Zoe Stewart, says Ruby had Mr. Rabbit with her on November 16 when the family left a London restaurant. Later that night, however, Mr. Rabbit was nowhere to be found.

“Now, I know what your [sic] thinking… It’s just a teddy, replace it and she’ll never know,” Zoe wrote. “…he was there when she was in hospital, he was there when she had chicken pox, her first tooth, the first time she fell and skint her knee or bumped her head. He’s seen it all — his neck has no stuffing left from being hugged so much so flops to one side and his ears smell like Olbas Oil.”

Ruby received Mr. Rabbit shortly after she was born, and has been crying herself to sleep since his disappearance. Zoe has been spreading the word of the missing bunny by posting adorable photos of Ruby and the rabbit on TwitterInstagram, and even a special Facebook page dedicated to finding him. Facebook commenters have sweetly offered their own stuffed rabbits for Ruby, but Zoe’s determined to find the real one. “I think the whole of the U.K. is looking for him,” Stewart said.

If you’re anywhere near London, keep your eyes peeled. You’d make this little girl’s whole month if you found him!

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