You Can Now Learn Spanish Via Cat Photos

CatAcademy, the greatest smartphone app ever made, will you help you learn Spanish using cat memes. Oh yes! It features over a thousand cat photos. Some of the pictures are original while many are from I Can Haz Cheezburger, the cat photo mecca.  Each of them is equipped to help you learn espanol.

Basically, this is the best thing that has ever happened to your iPhone.

Memrise, the company behind the app, knew adorable online kitties were their best shot at holding users’ attention. “What we’re actually competing for your attention with is Facebook and Instagram, so that if you’re sitting on the bus and you pull out your phone  and think, What am I going to do for 10 minutes on the bus? the answer has to be learn Spanish, not look at Instagram,” Ben Whately, the company’s COO, told ABC News. “So how can we attract people’s attention to our app? The answer is very clearly cats,” he said. (Life hack: when in doubt, the answer is always very clearly cats.)

The team’s research found that engaging with something cute makes it easier to learn and retain information — specifically, Japanese research that found cute pictures of kittens helped increase performance on cognitive tasks.  Yes, world, kittens are good for your brain. “Cats are funny by nature. They’re the funniest things around. That’s why they’re so popular on the internet and why they attract people’s attention,” Whately said.

Memrise hired a cat meme creation specialist (dream job much?) to put the app together. After that, they brought in Spanish teachers to create flashcards. The app has over a thousand cat photos linked to common Spanish phrases.  It’s available in the Apple app store for 99 cents, but don’t worry, they hope to make it available for Android users in the future as well. What’s Spanish for “meow”?

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[Image of cat via Shutterstock]